Irish Independent

Irish Independent: Businesses boosted by the World Cup

The Irish Independent:
 What to wear to work this summer

The Irish Independent: The 50 most influential and powerful women in business

Metro Herald

Metro Herald: Dive in at the next stop

Metro Herald:  Ways to brighten up your wardrobe

Metro Herald: Back to school feature

Metro Herald: Fitting in and getting fitted out – alterations feature

Metro Herald: Film and fashion

Metro Herald: Language skills for business

Metro Herald: Fashion: Style at a discount

Metro Herald: Fashion: Designers on the high street.

Metro Herald: March 12, 2013

Metro Herald: Going the distance – distance learning feature.

Metro Herald: Your Dublin Week.

Metro Herald: November 23, 2012.

Metro Herald: Your Dublin Weekend.

The Irish Sun

The Irish Sun: Teletabbies

Woman’s Way magazine

Woman’s Way: Community Spirit: July 1, 2013

Woman’s Way: Food News: July 1, 2013

Woman’s Way:  Interview with wife of the late Gene Kelly, Patricia Ward Kelly

Woman’s Way: Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2013.

Woman’s Way: Real life article about The Women’s Fund for Ireland.

Woman’s Way: Real life interview with Christina Noble.

Woman’s Way: Interview with Jerry Hall.

Woman’s Way: Article about Irish nurse Ruth Spelman and her work in Columbia

Woman’s Way: Interview with Sharon Corr.

Woman’s Way: Interview with wildlife cameraman Colin Stafford Johnson.

Woman’s Way: Interview with actress Leigh Arnold.

Woman’s Way:   Interview with Xposé presenter Lisa Cannon

Woman’s Way: Real life article about author Benji Bennett.

Woman’s Way: Article about Lynn Clifford’s work at a chimpanzee sanctuary in Cameroon.

The Sunday Times

Sunday Times: Haggling hits the high streets. (Read Here)

Sunday Times: Top fashion stores rip off customers.

Sunday Times: Diplomats trade in manors for digs.

Sunday Times: Crowded wards spread virus.



U Magazine: Tag rugby feature.

State Magazine: Album review

Reviews – Notion Magazine

M2F Magazine: Amy Winehouse & Outlandish interviews

Undercover Magazine:  Welsh Language hip hop article & Dead Prez Interview

 Music-News Cerys Matthews live review

Music-News Jamelia – Walk With Me

The Situation: Wyclef Jean

The Situation: Cassidy

The Situation: Common

The Situation: Kevin Lyttle

The Situation: Boo Yaa Tribe


BBC (Welsh Language)

Gwobrau RAP Awards

Doniau Disgliar

Ble Wyt Ti Rhwng?

Tân y Ddraig, Faenol

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